Champ Sightings

Champ Sightings

About Champ Sightings

New England Federal Credit Union and the Vermont Lake Monsters have teamed up to actively support the community by offering FREE CHAMP appearances (“CHAMP Sightings”) to non-profit organizations and other programs that share their commitment to enhancing the well being of our local communities.

Organizations and programs interested in participating in the “CHAMP Sightings” program, and having CHAMP attend their event for free, must submit a formal application. Please note that depending on the location of the event, travel costs may apply.

The Lake Monsters kindly ask that you do not promote that CHAMP will be at your event until, and unless, you have received written notification that CHAMP will be in attendance.

As part of the “CHAMP Sightings” program, the Lake Monsters cannot accept applications from the following:

– Political Organizations or candidates

– Organizations or projects that discriminate against individuals based on race, religion, ethnicity, or sexual preference


1. Download the CHAMP Sightings form, located below, and save to your computer.2. Open the document on your computer and fill in the form fields.

3. Save the document on your computer.

4. Send the saved and completed form to [email protected].

If your group or organization is not eligible for the CHAMP Sightings program, CHAMP is available for an appearance fee of $100 per hour. Click the CHAMP Appearances button below for more information.